Every sunday snacks given at charity schools and along with this every sunday pasturage is given at the cow shed
Winter cloths is distributed among the poor people, and winter caps is distributed to the students of the muk badhir vidhyala.
Sweater and writing and learning materials is distributed to the 25 Girls at primary school, Narsinghpura.
Buscuit is distributed in the Civil Hospital mandsaur and vest and jacket is distributed to the old age people and also given BP checker instrument.
5100 rs gievn to smt Radhabai Jain which is victim of Cancer, and 300 rs giving to the child Keshav Bhana and 500 rs to handicaped incapacitated Yashika Sharma monthly.
6100 rs study material is distributed to students of primary school, Bhunki, Jaggakhedi, mandsaur and Mundri. And 1100 Rs is donated by Sunil ji Mogra.
Water Bed is given to Narayannath son of Motinath so they are getting relief in their sleep.
2100 rs is given for the Utarakhand flood with the help of Redcross society, Mandsaur.
If any person in your knowlege which needed help then please make committee aware. You can send your suggestion to the committee

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