Swanand committee is running by Mr. Shankarlal ji Vyas, and it is founded in Aug 2011 with the help of three people together, named Mr. Shankarlal ji Vyas, Hiralal ji Jain & Rajendra Kumar ji Jain, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh.
This committee is made for the people(handicapped,incapacitated & poor) which need help to survive, so the committee collects 100 Rs. from the each member of the committee. And also it request to the people which are ready to donate the money for such people and so committee are adding those person as the members of the committee.
And till 2014 it is having 70 approx people which is donating 100 Rs. per month with own inclination.

The receipt format of the swanand samiti choudhary colony mandsaur, madhya pradesh.

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